This is the first time I have willingly got out of a warm bed on a cold Saturday morning to exercise outside. Darren is an enthusiastic trainer who keeps it fun and interesting, giving you lots of useful tips as he puts you through your paces. Come and join us!


Tina is deaf and a bilateral cochlear implant user.

Here Mr. Meade is helping Tina prepare for a run to raise funds for hearing dogs.

Tae Kwon Do gave me more confidence, concentration, strength and taught me not to fight. It also taught me to give respect to others.
Eugene, 10


I began training with Darren at the age of 16, I am now thirty. I attribute my strong mind and emotions with the training that I have received under Darren’s guidance.

He has been my role model, teacher and good friend. His knowledge and wisdom is practical and profound. I have learned to see the light in all people this has been the ultimate thing I have learnt through training. This truth means I respect all living beings.
Stefan, 30


I have been training once a week with Darren for around a month now, I have noticed my fitness levels increase, a better sense of self confidence and weight loss. I enjoy his teaching methods and find it fun and easy to follow. It is a welcoming environment to train in and all seniors are encouraging and helpful.
Kerry, 30


I have been training once a week for quite a while now and it is very enjoyable sport and training sessions. It keeps me very fit and it has made me more confident and very aware in certain situations it is very fun and I hope to progress lots in this sport. Also all other class members are encouraging and very sociable if we need help the seniors will be up for helping   .
Emma, 15


I have trained for 9 years and have developed confidence in everything I do. Tae Kwon Do is not just for self-defense it also helps you understand discipline, respect and awareness and it keeps us fit.
Maaz, 12


I have been training for a long time now, and I’m glad that I was able to find a training club such as this one. It’s a great experience and if I didn’t I definitely wouldn’t be the person that I am today. Training has changed my life and if it wasn’t for training then I would be no different from those gangsters. Training helped me become my own person, a leader, not a follower. It told me to chase my dreams regardless of what anyone says and to never give up. It disciplined me and made me a better person. Tenets and rules to be followed when they are followed, everyone notices that this person is different from the rest in a good way.
Hanzalah, 15


I have been training with Mr. Meade at Tae Kwon Do at least 13 years and its been great and enjoyed every lesson because of the fitness, stamina and discipline.

Mr. Meade is an excellent teacher and a very good person always been a different experience every lesson. Thank you Mr. Meade.
Salim, 50


Tae Kwon Do made me stronger but taught me not to use violence and it gave me a lot of discipline.
Vikram, 10